XtraFinder, Thank You

I’m not the only one that probably lived with this Mac Finder bug way too long. I’m talking about having a Finder window open in List view and all you see is the Name column but you know there is are more columns to see. Since Mac hides all the scrollbars too, it takes a fraction to figure out what to do next.

Finder window before XtraFinder install and setup

Finder window before XtraFinder install and setup

That fraction of a moment adds up though when you work on a computer all day.

Finder window after XtraFinder installed and setup

Finder window after XtraFinder installed and setup

Easily installed XtraFinder, clicked a few checkboxes. Sanity restored. At least when I’m in a finder window.


Download XtraFinder here, for plenty more reasons than my one need.


  • I have checked out the new veirosn and there are some great improvements.There are couple of features that I believe are worth while investigating:* Expanding dashboard widgets to enable personal comments/notations, the ability to apply filters to individual widgets and pull widgets from custom reports* Better handling of individual eCommerce product reporting throughout Google Analytics. When you only have a few different products that are very different (such as financial services applications – personal loans, home loans, investment accounts) it is important to see product quantity and product revenue by product. It is currently very difficult to identify traffic sources, campaigns and performance for individual products without trying to overlay custom advanced segments onto dashboard widgets and custom reports.* Custom segments only seem to be able to be applied to vary limited amounts of data (no longer than a month?). It us necessary at times to report on/analyse trends over several months and as mentioned above it is near impossible to monitor the performance and traffic sources/campaigns to individual products. Thanks,Aaron

  • Samia

    I have always had this App on my phone, but for some roeasn I’ve never felt comfortable blogging from it, it just feels like it would take too long, unless it was a really simple post.

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