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For those in the digital brand management industry, no matter the practice you specialize in (we all are a part of developing the UX goals), this UX Myths list is for us. It will at least have you smiling about a past project, or thinking of the way it used to be, and glad you know better.

Educating Expected

I really shouldn’t be surprised by how often these myths are part of each project or even industry group discussions, but the fact remains this resource will be in my back pocket for a bit longer. Each myth is well documented with additional reading links that are fodder for educating the client. Best for that client who hasn’t had this conversation since the last time they refreshed, 5 to 10 years ago.

When myth #3 is part of an initial stake holder meeting, I learn quickly the path of education will include additional duties and perhaps some pushback on our initial concepts. And yes, people do scroll.

Grab the evidence at UX Myths >

p.s. The navigation reveals alternate languages for translation



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