• Drake

    Ο/Η dimitris λέει:oxi re sy kaeblaats pws to ennow to prosopo. alla kyriws bgainei karta me thn fwnh k thn to spiti kathoti fainetai arketa k yparxei k kapoio antikeimeno sto video poy prodidei thn taytothta ths kanonikotata ( na mhn epektathw ) pantws se eyxaristw gia thn grhgorh antidrash (ton swsame ton theio apo kana egkefaliko ) k xairomai poy isxyei to moto oti apla me ena report sebesai k den xreiazetai tipote allo! always a fan!

  • February 28, 2013 It is not a logical step fowarrd. If telecommuting is over-used or abused at Yahoo that is just a sign of bad management, not a bad way of working. I am an experienced veteran of in-office and home-office working. I know when I need a face-to-face and when I can function optimally without it. Maybe they just need to hire good people managers and smart, self-driven employees. Just sayin Beth (OMG! Yummy) recently posted..

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