• Svea

    he became a monk in early 90s and if I rclael correctly he had been a monk for 3 years (according to him he returned from there due to deteriorating health conditions). He suffered from multiple illnesses such as arthritis, wheeze and epilepsy since his childhood. Mr. Kumudu was unmarried and according to him it was due to a failed romantic affair with a girl hailing from Kandy (an incident that took place in early 80s when he was at digitronics which was founded by him). I will remember him as a great guru, a visionary and a man with a philosophy of his own who had changed many lives in a positive way. For some reason few people in the blog space try to distort the reality of this man’s life. I do not regret as this is the human nature. Some of them might be jealous of his sudden popularity and stardom after death, some might be looking for vengeance and some would simply suspect. I have no idea about his sexual preferences but Mr. Kumudu I knew was a disciplined guru who never exploited his students.

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