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Adrienne is a friend of mine and I used her needs as my guidelines for making a simple WordPress portfolio site. She is an artist that is actively traveling the Art and Crafts circuit. This site is a crucial part of her networking with artists and buyers alike. It is gradually growing as Adrienne and I have time to address her additional business needs. Some of those have been:

- Move her original Typepad blog to a free WordPress self hosted version
- Keep the same blog layout and design additional pages for galleries of artwork
- Create an original template and in a minimal style
- Simple ways to update the front page slideshow
- Solutions for selling artwork directly on web site
- Calendar of events
- Guide and teach Adrienne on the new system and ways to update copy and media

Eventually, there’s a plan to make this project into a free theme to download


    • Hey David, I was just admiring the simplicity and eCommerce capability of Adrienne’s site and would like to have something just like that for my own site – it’s proven difficult so far! Is there any way you could help me with that? I also have a wordpress self hosted site (Mystile Theme) – thank you!

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      • Dunia

        I am very impressed with your scrbtaution, everyone. You show the steps, but more importantly, you are able to explain your thinking. Well done. I can also see that some students are helping other students and that is great learning.

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